4 Ways To Take GUT PRIMER

By Carla Oates

Amongst the range of Beauty Chef inner beauty powders and elixirs, there is one product that stands apart from the rest—GUT PRIMER™ Inner Beauty Support

While all of our products are designed to work synergistically together and boast benefits for gut health, immune health, beauty and wellbeing—GUT PRIMER™ is the only product that has been specifically formulated to heal, restore and soothe the gut.

Designed both to help those experiencing more serious gut health issues such as leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO or gut allergies and intolerances—as well as those simply looking to further boost and bolster their general gut health—GUT PRIMER™ brings things back to basics, nurturing the gut in order to holistically support overall health and promote improved wellness.

Able to be enjoyed on its own or in combination with your existing inner beauty products, here are four simple ways to enjoy GUT PRIMER™…

As part of your inner beauty routine

If you’re already well-versed in the benefits of a consistent inner beauty routine—then you’ll be pleased to know that GUT PRIMER™ can simply be slotted into your existing regime when you feel like your gut is in need of a little extra TLC. The beauty of GUT PRIMER™, too, is that you don’t need to be suffering from a longstanding gut health issue to benefit—the nourishing ingredients have been hand-selected to holistically support gut health at any stage, and during every season.

If GLOW™ is your go-to, simply add a serve of GUT PRIMER™ to your glass of GLOW™ and enjoy! Or boost the benefits even further by combining with your favourite Boost product.

In a smoothie

At The Beauty Chef, it’s no secret that we’re somewhat fond of our smoothies—enjoying various creative combinations of our bio-fermented beauty products all year round. We also know how simple it is to introduce inner beauty to your daily routine by adding your prescribed products to your favourite blend. 

While GUT PRIMER™ has its own unique berry and mint flavour, we particularly love it in our Chocolate, Raspberry & Mint Gut Primer Smoothie. This nourishing sip includes an abundance of healthy gut and skin-loving fats from coconut yoghurt and avocado—and has a decadent richness thanks to the addition of cacao. Plus, if you’re incorporating GUT PRIMER™ into your daily routine to help support and restore good gut health, then this smoothie is the perfect satiating and soothing way to start your day.

As a digestive tonic

Traditionally used as a form of medicinal healing, tonics can be a powerful tool to support digestive health. Containing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ginger as well as pomegranate juice—which has been shown to reduce gut inflammation and assist digestion—our Pomegranate & Raspberry Gut Primer Tonic is a tasty way to help soothe and calm your belly. 

Whether you drink this tonic before a meal to help stimulate digestion or simply sip throughout the day whenever you feel in need of a little extra gut support—it’s a great recipe to have in your repertoire. Containing a good dose of GUT PRIMER™ too, this nourishing tonic has been formulated to restore your gut while also boosting hydration.

In isolation as part of a gut-healing protocol

Unfortunately, for many, gut health issues can be ongoing and debilitating. From bloating and constipation to leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), SIBO and general digestive issues—finding the potential cause or trigger of your gut health issues can be a lengthy process. To heal the gut, however, it’s essential to simplify your diet—and this is why GUT PRIMER™ can be such a valuable tool to have in your arsenal as it contains ingredients such as bio-fermented turmeric, papaya, slippery elm, aloe vera, L-glutamine, peppermint and licorice which have all been selected for their digestive health benefits.

Specifically formulated to help heal and soothe symptoms of leaky gut, this powerful blend can be used in isolation for a period of 2–4 weeks as you look to restore good gut health and heal the delicate gut lining. For more information on how to Heal, Weed, Seed and Feed your gut, the gut-healing protocol outlined in The Beauty Chef Gut Guide is a great place to start.

As always, however, if you have a diagnosed gut health issue, please always speak to your healthcare practitioner before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Gut Primer™ Inner Beauty Support


A berry-mint flavoured blend designed to soothe and repair the gut lining.

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