Ali Whittle on Self-Care, Skincare and her Favourite Sunscreens

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One of our favourites to follow on Instagram, Ali Whittle is a go-to for skincare tips and beauty tutorials. We visited her sunny Sydney apartment to talk sleep routines, SPF and our super-greens powder, CLEANSE

I describe what I do as… creating content full-time. I’ve been doing that for a year now; I left my full-time role in magazines—I was Deputy Editor at WHO Magazine—in February last year to pursue my own thing and it was the best decision, made at the right time. I collaborate with brands daily, whether it’s creating content, consulting, going to events, meetings, showings. Every day is different which I love and I get to explore my creativity and meet some truly amazing, very talented people.

Most mornings, I... wake up at 7am or a bit before, cuddle with my cats, have coffee with my husband before he heads to his office, then I head out for a long walk around my neighbourhood in Bondi—and get home around 9am. I love starting the day this way—it clears my head and gets me ready for whatever I have in store that day.

Rather than getting straight into my beloved coffee... I’ve been having a big glass of water to rehydrate after sleep. Then it’s time for coffee! I usually make this and put it in a keep cup for my walk. When I’m home – it’s GLOW and CLEANSE powder time—some days I have this separately or mixed together to save time. For breakfast, I usually have two boiled eggs on wholewheat toast with a bit of butter or avocado, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Lately I’ve been adding jalapenos and I’m addicted.

I fell in love with the CLEANSE powder... early in 2020. I’ve used Beauty Chef products for years but had never tried it so I was curious. Ever since I started taking it, I noticed a huge difference immediately in my digestion. It’s so comforting to know that if I’m slacking with my vegetable intake or fibre—this has me covered. It also really helps with my energy levels too. I’ve been enjoying the new formula for a few weeks now and it’s absolutely delicious. Some people can be put off by the green colour or the idea of it but it’s so drinkable and so worth it! Once you try it—you won’t look back.

Before my walk... I put on sunscreen—either Ultra Violette Supreme Screen, Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face or Naked Sundays Collagen Crème SPF 50. When I get home, I shower, cleanse my face and then apply my morning skincare. The products change—as I’m always testing something new—but generally it’ll be a cleanser, essence, eye gel/cream, vitamin C or antioxidant serum, a hydrating serum and then moisturiser. And of course, more SPF. Some mornings after I cleanse I’ll put on a face mask—a real luxury of working for myself from home!

The most important skincare lesson I’ve learned is… to be gentle and wear sunscreen!

I feel most glowy... usually at night, after my shower, in PJs on and slathered in my nighttime skincare! Or maybe at the end of a long week, when I put on some makeup and head out for a bit of pasta and wine with my husband or friends.


When it comes to wellness… I think I’m naturally quite good at taking care of myself. I am always checking in with myself—if I’m feeling anxious or stressed, I take the time to work through my feelings and hopefully find a solution or self soothe in a variety of ways. Routine is super important to me so my morning walk really sets the tone for my day and lets me get some movement in and some me-time before the day kicks off. It also means I’m not glued to my phone as soon as the day starts. Same goes for night-time. I have a great routine that helps me unwind and it’s transformed my sleep. I aim to be in bed around 9-9.30pm, I put some lavender essential oil in my diffuser, pillow spray on my pillow and then I read before going to sleep by 10-10.30pm ideally. Having structure like this really helps me feel grounded.

I manage my stress… better now that I work for myself I am more in control of my day to day life. So if things are difficult, I can take a break on my terms, go for a walk to clear my head, call my mum, sister or husband to vent or if there aren’t any pressing deadlines I can take the day or afternoon off if need be. In terms of calming habits—I’ll take a few deep breaths, use the Calm app for a bit of meditation or just walk away from my desk and do something else. I love cleaning when I’m stressed. As I get older I realise having a life/work balance is so important so starting and finishing the day at roughly the same time is what I strive to do. And making the time to cook each evening or talk to my husband while he cooks is a great way to unwind.

I used to love running and HIIT... but now I’m all about Pilates—I do Peaches pilates online—and walking. A good long walk is my absolute favourite. I listen to music or a podcast and explore my beautiful Bondi neighbourhood.

The meal that makes me feel most nourished… really depends on my mood but I love simple meals with loads of veggies. My husband makes a really delicious chilli—which is basically just a veggie stew with a few different spices, plus avocado, halloumi, roasted cauliflower and sweet potato with rice. It’s so good!! But other times it’s a big bowl of pasta and red wine.

In my fridge, you’ll always find… kombucha—I love the brand Remedy, sheet masks, so many Beauty Chef products—I always have backups of GLOW and CLEANSE, milk for our coffee and either Champagne or rosébecause you just never know when you might need it.

The secret to a good night’s sleep is… routine. Going to sleep at roughly the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning has been so key to me waking up refreshed and feeling my best. I used to be all over the place with my bedtime and a big night owl and I’d always feel exhausted the next morning or be dying to sleep in and I’d feel terrible. Now I am such a morning person and I love it so much.

Beauty is… everywhere. Remember to notice the little things—the ocean, blue skies, fresh flowers!

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