Eat your Way to Gorgeous Winter Skin

Dry, irritated skin now the chill is setting in? We’re hearing you. But these menu tips will have you ready to glow and go.

1. Go fishing, or go nuts

Salmon, mackerel and tuna, as well as walnuts and chia seeds, are packed with omega 3s while most other nuts and seeds contain omega 6 and olive oil contains both. These essential fatty acids will not only help create a radiant complexion but reduce your risk of heart disease and dementia. Try adding cashews to your stir-fries, or creating your own omega-rich pesto sauce with ground walnuts and fresh basil to top baked fish. To ensure maximum nutrition, buy wild caught fish and organic nuts, seeds and oils – no nasty chemicals. For an instant omega beauty fix, massage your face with a few drops of Dream Repair Cellular Serum.

2. Ditch diet products

Low-fat products often contain a high level of sugar or, worse, artificial sweeteners, to make up for the taste you’re missing out on. Eat quality fats to feed your skin and forget diet products.

3. Learn to love fermented foods

A healthy gut equals a gorgeous glow. As we say at The Beauty Chef, beauty begins in the belly, so help Nature along by taking a fermented supplement, such as our GLOWCLEANSE and BODY Inner Beauty Powders. Scientists now know that gut health is also essential to immunity – your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system and 500 species of bacteria you need for wellness. Fermented foods such as kimchi, natural yoghurt and sauerkraut help build that beneficial bacteria, promoting better digestive health, greater absorption of nutrients and improved liver function. All that adds up to a healthier, happier you.

4. Load up on H20

A latte or espresso may kickstart your busy day. But check your liquid intake. Pure, filtered water, a few cups of your favourite herbal tea – we love ginger, rosehip and chai - and “wet” foods such as soups and salads are essential for adequate hydration and a nourished complexion. We’re not saying you have to ditch the java. Just add the moisture-boosting stuff too.

5. Get more vitamin A and D

Vitamin A and D are superstars when it comes to your skin. Vitamin A, in dairy products, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and kale, helps thicken and stimulate the dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are - and prevent premature ageing. Vitamin D not only helps shore up bone strength and boost immune function but is crucial to skin repair. Mostly we get vitamin D through the sun but, in winter, add more vitamin-D rich foods like oily fish, Portobello mushrooms or eggs to your menu. BODY Inner Beauty Powder contains 50% of your daily, recommended Vitamin D dose.

To read about why we crave spiced curries and hot chai teas in winter, click here.

*Image: Creamy millet porridge with honey-roasted figs and almond and seed toffee from The Beauty Chef Cookbook.

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