Get Gutsy With... Naomi Watts

With Naomi Watts

Actress, Naomi Watts, needs little introduction—having made a name for herself internationally starring in both Hollywood blockbusters as well as independent productions.

But what many people may not realise is that Naomi is also a beauty enthusiast, activist and entrepreneur—having co-founded Onda Beauty in 2016 and Stripes (set to launch this year). Recently, we were lucky enough to find out how she approaches getting older, and the lessons she's learnt along the way...

What do you celebrate about getting older?

Knowing that you’re not getting younger, and the ability to recognise how good you had it. That’s the foundation for satisfaction and the strength in knowing how far you’ve come. Before my fifties I would have said, “yes, freeze me in my thirties, best time of my life,” but there’s actually something far more liberating about fifty. 

What is something you would tell your 20-year-old self?

Enjoy it! Trust your instinct, forget about what everyone else needs or thinks. You’re fully equipped, you don’t need the validation you’re seeking.

What is something that makes you feel gutsy and empowered?

Taking risks, bigger ones than I took when I was younger; whether that be the clothes or shoes I choose to wear, right up to launching my own business. Fear still exists to some extent, but I’m far less worried about falling on my face if I fail. 

What is one hobby or activity that is bringing you joy right now?

I would say pottery, ‘throwing pots’, is something I’ve recently taken up that I’m enjoying. I have a wheel and the whole setup, but it takes discipline, and it’s inconsistent.  The thing that I am consistent with is exercise. It’s a part of my life and the one thing I feel is missing if I don’t get to it. 

How has your emotional wellbeing evolved as you've gotten older?

Confidence. The confidence in knowing that it’s okay to fail. That failure is a healthy, natural part of being a human being.  And then the evolution of the relationship with my kids. As a parent, you’re constantly learning things from your kids, even from the day they’re born, but they’re at an age now where they’re actually teaching me things. It’s a beautiful thing, they’ve grown up with the information at the tip of their fingers, whereas we had to walk to the library to find out if all frogs are amphibious. They are by the way, my son is obsessed with frogs, all animals really.

Are there any challenges—physical, emotional, spiritual—that have surprised you?

Of course! I suppose one never really expects to get older, but all of a sudden you look up and you say, “OMG, I’m looking more like my mother every day.” But I don’t stay in those thoughts too long, my mother is gorgeous. I’ll be lucky to look as good as she does when I’m in my 70s. 

How have your priorities shifted as you've reached the milestone of 50?

More everything. More cheese, more wine, more friends, more fun. It’s a little like that saying, in your twenties you spend all your time trying not to get pregnant, then in your thirties you spend all your time trying to get pregnant, by the time you’re fifty, you don’t have to think about any of that anymore, your body, your intention comes back to the self, “what do I need? what do I want?” This is my life and I’ve never known that more than in my fifties. I'm happy to break up with the old self and embrace the new me. 


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