Inner Beauty is... with Turia Pitt

There’s no question Turia Pitt is an inspiration on every level. After being caught in a grassfire in 2011 and suffering burns to 65 percent of her body, Turia survived against overwhelming odds and is living proof that with determination, courage, and the right attitude, we can achieve anything.

Now, as an athlete, motivational speaker and humanitarian, Turia inspires people the world over with her grit and passion… 

Congratulations on the birth of Hakavai, how has being a mum changed how you see the world, if at all?

  • Becoming a mum has definitely changed how I see the world. Now, whenever I’m stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, all I have to do is breathe in his intoxicating scent and remind myself not to get too far ahead of right here, right now.

In one of your blogs you said, “Why would I want to focus on an event that happened in my life when I could focus my energy on how I’m changing my life?” Our energy and that of those around us is so powerful, how do you focus your energy to bring out the best in you, the day and those around you?

  • We all face challenges in our life. All of us – each and every one of us are going to face times that are stressful and hard. But where focus goes, energy flows and I don’t want to be focusing on the negatives all the time.

    So, when I was in hospital and during recovery, when it seemed like every day was just a living reminder of all the things I couldn’t do anymore, I focused on what I did have and what I could do – not what I didn’t have and what I couldn’t do.

    Every night in hospital I would make a mental list of everything I had going for me. I’d say to myself – you’re tough, you’re gritty, you have determination, you’ve got the best partner in the world and support from some amazing people.

    Each day I made the decision to focus on positives and day by day, that act of positive reinforcement helped shift my mindset to one that could take on anything. This isn’t blindly sticking your head in the sand, or walking through life with a fake, cheery attitude. It’s about choosing where to invest yourself.

    The choice is up to you. Will you walk through today thinking about everything going wrong in your life? Or will you focus on all the stuff going right for you? I know which choice I’d make. 

You are well known for your sense of humour, is this something you’ve always had?

  • I think humour is really important, it’s been a big part of my family! When I want people to be relaxed and to hear my message, I find that humour is the best way to do this. If people are tense and anxious, they can’t really be focused on what I have to say.

What does inner beauty mean to you?

  • We’ve got to get rid of “inner”! In my book, beauty is beauty and a beautiful person, in my opinion, is a confident person. Confident in who they are, how they present themselves and in what they are capable of doing.

What do you do to get your daily GLOW on?

  • Choosing gratitude. Every morning I think of three things I’m truly grateful for – this morning it was for the smile my son gave me, breastfeeding while watching the sunrise and my coffee. I bang on about gratitude because it just has the most profound effect on everyone who tries it. And it’s so simple!


I go out of my way to… Surf. I don’t go out of my way to do it though, if something is a priority in my life – I just make it happen.

My favourite thing on toast is… peanut butter.

I feel like a ninja when… I’m trail running.

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