Nourish Your Body and Senses with Sian Redgrave

“Food for me is something deeply essential, far beyond the preliminary need for it to fuel us,” says Sian Redgrave, one of our 30 Days to Glow partners. “I believe the food we consume should not only nourish our bodies but also our hearts and minds.” 

The Great Australian Bakeoff winner, stylist and recipe developer loves “food to be abundant, organic, seasonal and overflowing with colour and flavour. Cooking and preparing meals for me is fundamentally an act of care and creativity, for others and ourselves.” 

Healthy Not Perfect 

Health is such a multidimensional thing, it doesn't just relate to our physical bodies. Being healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, intellectually and creatively are all imperative to me and my sense of wholeness,” she says of the philosophy underpinning 30 Days to Glow. “As long as we live consciously and partake in things from a place of happiness and wellbeing I think we are on the right path. One shouldn't live on chia seeds and kale alone, just as a diet of burgers and ice-cream is detrimental. Chasing perfection in our diets usually always leads to restriction and that restriction causes anxiety. My philosophy surrounding what we cook and eat is essentially about balance,” she adds. “I'm definitely a hedonistic person so a life of abstaining from food that brings me joy would be devastating, however feeling strong and healthy is as vital to my sense of satisfaction.” 

Moving Meditation

“I'm an intrinsically creative person, I feel starved if I am not inspired or captivated by the world I surround myself with. The art of cooking and creating with nourishing ingredients is an incredibly meditative experience for me, where I can be inventive and artistic. Some days are difficult for us all but I find even in those moments, if I can make myself something delicious to eat I am satisfied physically but also emotionally as there’s always a sense of pride surrounding the achievement of cooking. I'm also quite maternal by nature so cooking for me is somewhat of a love language of mine, a way to show people they are important to me. Cooking for loved ones is always so emotionally satisfying and grounding.” 

Sian’s GLOW Smoothie 

“Fast, vibrant and uplifting is how I enjoy my mornings. I usually add my GLOW powder to a smoothie with frozen blueberries, soaked cashews, spinach, oat milk, cacao and hemp protein. I find breakfast is the easiest meal of the day to control, as I always have it at home. I always feel free of guilt when having treats or indulgences later in the day due to my breakfast being nourishing and clean.” 

Sian will be sharing her daily wellness routine and recipe inspiration on our Instagram—stay tuned! 

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