Working From Home Tips From The Beauty Chef Team

Now more than ever, we want to help you take the best possible care of yourself. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing nourishing recipes, wellness tips and new ways to connect—join us on social and tell us how you #keepglowing so we can navigate this together. 

If you work in an office, you’ve no doubt entertained the idea of working from home: no commute to consider, no lunch to prep and a temporary reprieve from the usual office antics. And while it may have started out as something of a novel change, the overwhelming prospect of working from home indefinitely (while also being at home indefinitely) is starting to sink in. 

To help you cope, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite WFH tips and tricks, brought to you by The Beauty Chef team. There’s no denying that working remotely presents some very real challenges—a tidy background for Zoom, for one—but with a little creativity and a healthy dose of trial-and-error, you really can make WFH work for you.

To Boost Your Productivity 

“I love the free time tracking program TOGGL! You can simply hit play when you start a new task and then stop when you are finished and it calculates the time. It helps me stay focused on one thing at a time. If you use the Pomodoro technique or structure your time into intervals this will help!” – Rachael, Finance Director

“Never work in your pyjamas, get up and get changed like you’re working in the office.” – Robbie, National Key & Independent Account Manager

To Nourish Your Mental Wellbeing

“For any yoga lovers… Yoga Girl is offering 30 days of online yoga classes called #30daysofspace. I signed up and did one this morning. It was lovely and only half an houra great way to start the day or to do it on your lunch break.” – Michala, Marketing Executive

“Make time in your diary to take a break and call a friend. You'll feel better for it!” – Maria, Operations Manager

To Support Your Physical Health

“My tip: get a foam roller, use it every hour and turn that into the one thing you have to get up and do! My partner, Ben, is a personal trainer and bought one for me yesterday.” – Sarah, Marketing & Digital Coordinator

“When I feel like it, I try to fast until around midday. It prevents mindless snacking and gives my digestive system a chance to rest. I often feel clearer and more focused, too!” – Courtenay, Social Media & Content Coordinator

Other tricks worth considering? Choosing a designated work spot, wearing your activewear so you’re ready to move, clocking off for a real lunch break and only opening your laptop when you’re ready to start the day. And remember, we’re all experiencing this strange moment in history very differently, so be gentle and gracious with yourself as you continue to find your groove. 

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