Get gutsy with Carla: Why I created SUPERGENES™

Since I founded The Beauty Chef in 2009, our team of experts and I have created a number of beauty and wellbeing products to help you look and feel your best.

From powders to elixirs and topical products, we've helped millions through our gut and skin-loving formulas to glow from the inside out. But we’ve never created a capsule… until now.

Introducing our newest launch: SUPERGENES™. A collection of five products— Healthy Hair & Nails, Stress & Anxiety Relief, PMS Support, Sleep Support and Menopausal Balance—that target some of the most prevalent lifestyle problems using a carefully-selected combination of medicinal herbs, evidence-based probiotics and nutrients*.

Throughout our lives, there are many health concerns that can throw our bodies out of balance. Often, this can result in uncomfortable symptoms—for example: hot flashes during menopause or ongoing restless nights—that can have a flow-on effect, causing issues with our skin and even knocking our self-confidence*. This is what inspired me to create SUPERGENES™ as a targeted solution to help you become the best version of yourself and feel SUPER*.


Over four years in the making, SUPERGENES™ is unlike anything we’ve created before. In a Beauty Chef first, the range comes in capsule form—this was important to me during the product development process as I wanted to create a convenient delivery system so that SUPERGENES™ can slot easily into your existing wellness routine. I’ve always been an advocate for therapeutic doses of herbs and evidence-based probiotics—and that’s why I created SUPERGENES™ as a powerful lifestyle solution comprised of intensive herbal probiotics.

What’s different about SUPERGENES™?

Each product in the SUPERGENES™ collection contains an exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic strain that is unique to that particular formula. These strains have been studied for their impact on human health and specifically selected to maximize the benefits of each capsule*. At The Beauty Chef, we like to approach health concerns from a holistic point of view. In addition to our GUT5Y™ strains, each SUPERGENES™ product contains a selection of hand-picked herbal extracts and nutrients. For example: PMS Support contains chasteberry (Vitex), which is traditionally used to regulate a healthy menstrual cycle and relieve menstruation pain*. Whereas Sleep Support is supercharged with California poppy, an ingredient traditionally used to help induce sleep and relieve nervous energy*. Read our detailed run-down on the ingredients in SUPERGENES™.

We formulated the range with one goal in mind: to help you take charge of your health and discover your SUPER. We can’t wait for you to try SUPERGENES™!

X Carla

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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