CLEANSE contains herbs and nutrients that are designed to gently support your body’s own natural detoxification processes. For some people who have never done a CLEANSE before, this may present with certain symptoms – including mild headaches, minor skin breakouts, fatigue, moodiness and mild general aches and pains.*

These are all signs that the body’s elimination and detoxification pathways are overwhelmed by the cleaning process. They can also be the effects of withdrawal from a food or chemical. A common example is the headache people experience when they stop caffeine.*
While these signs and symptoms are an indication that the 14-day CLEANSE program is working, they aren't necessary and can be uncomfortable. So what can we do about them?*

At any stage, if you are feeling too uncomfortable, reduce the dose of the CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder to half. Once the symptoms have subsided, then you can resume at the full dose.* Other things to try include:

• Increasing your water intake. You should be drinking at least 2 litres of fresh filtered water on this program, but some people may need more. Increase to 2.5 litres and even 3 litres if the detox symptoms are still strong.* 

• Reducing the intensity of your exercise, especially if you are feeling fatigued during the program.*