Carla’s Glow Calendar For September: 5 Ways To Stay Inspired This Month

By Carla Oates

During lockdown last year, I created a weekly glow calendar for my team to help us all remain informed, inspired and in the know. While we’re no longer in lockdown, we’ve decided to keep this tradition alive—now, as a monthly column—to continue to reflect and connect with you, our beautiful community. So without further ado, here’s my Glow Calendar for September… 

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life—but every now and then, I like to take a step back and focus on the things that make me feel inspired. 

From dancing in the dark to a spring clean for your mind, here are some of the small joys that have put a smile on my face this month. I hope that this calendar adds a little sparkle to your week too.

X Carla

Monday: For The Mind 

We’re all familiar with the concept of a spring clean for the home—but what about a spring clean for your mind, too? Published by Extraordinary Routines, this “opposite thought experiment” outlines a three-step process to reframe your negative thoughts.

Read Here

Tuesday: For The Eyes

Norwegian photographer Kjell Bloch Sandved specialises in capturing the beauty of nature. From his collection of works, he has collated an entire alphabet of letters, found hidden in the distinct patterns of different butterflies. It has to be seen to be believed.

View Nature's Alphabet

Wednesday: For The Ears

Shake up your Wednesday by cranking up the tunes and dancing in the dark! It might sound silly but you have to try this—it’s good for the soul. Dance by yourself or with a crowd at No Lights, No Lycra.

Dance Up A Storm

Thursday: For The Soul

When you help others, your brain releases feel-good endorphins, known as the “helper's high”. I love the premise behind The Letterbox Project—a pen pal program where you can send a handwritten letter to someone experiencing loneliness.

Sign Up Here

Friday: For The Mouth

For me, cooking is a source of endless inspiration and joy. I have my eye on this Black Sesame Ice Cream for when the weather starts to warm up.

Get The Recipe

Photography: Lee Mathews x Anne Peeters

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