Carla's Christmas Gift Guide

Did you know it's estimated that 61% of people get at least one unwanted gift over the holidays? And an estimated $15 billion dollars are wasted on unwanted gifts each year?

However, gifts and giving gifts can be a really beautiful thing. It can be a way to show someone you care and that you’ve taken time and consideration to really think about what they’d want or need.

I've rounded up some of my most loved products that I use in my home and routine each day. Perhaps they could also make the perfect gift for someone special in your life...

  1. Beeswax Candles

    Candles are always such a beautiful gift to receive. I love the sculptured design of these ones as they are a little bit unusual and unique. My sister gave me a similar trio as a gift a few years ago and they make me smile every time I look at them.

  2. Dry Body Brush

    I dry body brush every day. It's a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate the skin.

    Most people wouldn't consider giving something so personal as a gift, but if it is something they would use every day then that is much better than something that will sit in a cupboard and not get used.

  3. A Special Dining Piece

    I love thinking of ways to elevate the every day. Eating from a beautiful plate or drinking from a unique glass are simple things that can bring so much joy, which is why I think they can be such a thoughtful gift.

    I love using Dinosaur Designs spoons and a Maison Balzac glass when making my daily glass of GLOW®. Or if I'm having my GLOW® in yoghurt, I love serving it in a beautiful handmade ceramic bowl.

  4. The Beauty Chef Holiday Kits

    A top up of your favourite beauty products is always a welcome gift. If you have a loved one that already uses The Beauty Chef products, our Plump & Glow Holiday Kit is perfectly packaged and ready for gifting.

  5. Thoughtfully Themed Gifts

    Sometimes I like to give a theme to my gifts. Pairing our Fatigue Fighters Kit with a Slip® Silk Pillowcase is a lovely sleep themed gift for someone you know has been struggling to wind down. Or pairing our Gut Repair Kit with a delicious digestive herbal tea is a gut-loving gift for someone you know who has been struggling with their digestive health.

  6. Gift Cards

    Gift cards may feel impersonal or last minute, but when chosen with intention and thoughtfulness they can be greatly appreciated. Rather than grabbing a gift card off the shelf when you're at the supermarket checkout, consider what beauty or clothing brands they use and wear.

    I often wear Lee Mathews, so a gift voucher to purchase a new piece is always such a wonderful surprise. You can also shop Beauty Chef vouchers here.

  7. A Book

    Books are inexpensive yet such an intimate and thoughtful gift to give and receive. They can also easily be borrowed, re-gifted, or donated for someone else to enjoy once finished.

    If your loved one is a passionate cook or wellness guru, I would of course have to suggest my two books—The Beauty Chef Cookbook and The Beauty Chef Gut Guide—but I might be a little bit biased!

  8. Something You've Cooked Or Made

    Food brings people together and makes for a gift that doesn’t go to waste. This Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake or Salted Miso Caramel Sauce are perfect for the festive season.

Our bestselling duo perfectly packaged and ready for gifting.

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