Our Collagen Elixir, Explained

By Carla Oates

Collagen supplements are here to stay—with collagen elixirs, collagen peptides, marine collagen powders and vegan collagen supplements stacking the shelves of our favourite beauty destinations.

But if you’re yet to try a collagen supplement for yourself or have been eyeing up our cult favourite collagen elixir: COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost for a while now, here’s everything you need to know about this beauty-boosting formula and how it can benefit your skin, gut and overall wellness…

First Up, What Is Collagen & What Does Collagen Do?

Put simply, collagen is a super powerful protein and the most abundant one in our bodies! From strengthening and supporting our bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles, gut, nails and hair—one of its most famed benefits is its ability to breathe new life into our complexion by promoting skin strength, skin elasticity, firmness and skin hydration. If we have an abundance of collagen, we can help to minimise the visible signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and dryness.

Collagen is also naturally produced by our bodies, but unfortunately as with many bodily processes, our ability to produce and synthesise this plumping protein declines with each passing year which is why it’s so vital to boost our body’s collagen stores. The good news is that there are two main ways we can do this: firstly by ensuring that we maintain a well-balanced, nutrient-dense and wholefoods-based diet that includes all the amino acids required to build collagen and critically, by providing our body with all the essential nutrients it needs to support collagen synthesis.

Different Sources Of Collagen

As you’ve likely deduced, collagen can come from a variety of sources and while bovine collagen which derives from the bones and hides of cattle is fairly commonplace, marine collagen which derives from fish is also gaining momentum—especially in the beauty industry. In fact, the marine collagen blend used in our own DEEP COLLAGEN™ beauty powder, for example, comes from 100% clean and certified sustainable marine collagen peptides which are directly sourced from wild-caught, deep-sea North Atlantic cod.

But you might be wondering what your options are if you’re vegan. And this is where our bestselling COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost can help!


The Beauty Chef's Collagen Elixir

As a completely natural vegan collagen elixir, The Beauty Chef’s COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is a bio-fermented probiotic liquid that contains a unique combination of ingredients to help support your body’s own ability to produce and utilise collagen whilst simultaneously supporting improved skin tone and texture.

Containing 102% of your daily RDI of vitamin C—which helps to preserve and protect your natural collagen and elastin for a smoother, firmer complexion—as well as 67% of your RDI of zinc for improved skin structure, healthy hair and nails, this delicious formula also includes an abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols from ingredients like pomegranate fruit peel extract—which help to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress. We’ve also supercharged this collagen elixir with our exclusive probiotic strain, Lactobacilus rhamnosus GUT5Y™, which is proven to contribute to digestive wellbeing and skin health.

As a completely holistic formula, this collagen elixir is designed to fit seamlessly into your inner beauty routine and can be enjoyed on its own or in combination with your other inner beauty supplements. Think of it as your inner beauty skincare serum and the secret to plumper, more radiant, more hydrated skin from within!

COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost


A bio-fermented probiotic vegan collagen drink.

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